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Ann Riley-Hawkins

I am Ann Riley-Hawkins and welcome to my online store: go_get_gifts. This is a place to view my art, and purchase prints, and gifts such as mugs, homeware and merchandise. As a nature artist, I use the pointillism technique to create, precise and captivating images of plants and wildlife. This gives all my work a unique and distinctive style, which will be instantly recognisable on any gift or merchandise. Have a browse through my art shop, and find the gift you are looking for.




Nature and animals characterise my art

Growing up in Africa, sitting around campfires under the clear, star-filled sky, a lion might roar in the distance, owls and nightjars call, hyenas cackle, the symphony of insects a constant in the background. You are surrounded with pure natural sounds and smells. The bliss of freedom as a single human being is invigorating.

I carry this energy and love of nature with me when I create my art. As a nature artist, I create renditions of animals of all sizes, and plants too. Among my subjects for painting are butterflies, lions, and roses.





My Artwork

My artwork is predominantly pen and ink dots in black and colour, on white or pale variations of a colour background.

The process is time consuming with no room for error when choosing and committing to colours and shades but most particularly when completing the work itself. Each dot is irreversible. Time is one thing, but my subjects require projected thought. For example, how will a particular pattern flow and what colours will work alongside each other. I constantly look at my piece and plan it section by section. To help me focus I love working to music.


artist selling Nature prints and Gifts red dot work rose by Ann Riley-Hawkins






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You can find my work as a nature artist for sale here, in the form of prints, gifts, mugs, and homeware. Have a browse through and find the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.



The beauty of nature in dots

My work as a nature artist uses the pointillism technique to depict the beauty of nature in every detail, with precision and love emanating from the image. The joy of this technique for nature art is choosing colour for each static, permanent dot, and placing it exactly so that the image as a whole gives the impression of a dynamic, three-dimensional, moving creature.





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